Wednesday, May 21, 2014

manju warrier website address

    Manju Warrier was an artist first and then an actor on a path to a remarkable life. In the short 3 years spent in the film industry, she emerged as a figure who was hard to forget. In all of her 19 films, she was dedicated, dutiful and unflappable, with a modest reluctance to steal the spotlight from her leading men. Her simple yet detailed portrayal of characters got the admiration of the well informed malayalee audiences the world over. Her humility earned affection and till date, just like what even the research indicates, she is the one actor malayalaee audiences and the film industry miss the most.

    Manju Warrier lives in Cochin with her actor husband Dileep and daughter Meenakshi. While the cameras yearn to capture her once again, Manju Warrier might be seen under the arc lights sooner than expected.

    website adress of Manju warrier
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