Sunday, May 18, 2014

It Happens All The Time

    From the first time Rashard walked into her house, Anni knew something was up.

    While he held hands with her mother, he locked eyes with her. Anni was flushed and embarrassed at first, but couldn't deny what she felt -- or how wet her sweet young pussy got.

    Her mother was pretty clueless, which only made Rashard bolder, and it didn't take long before Anni was comfortable around him, laughing and joking and teasing. When her mom would go to the kitchen to prepare something to eat, Rashard would sit back and ask Anni how her dating life was going and if she liked black boys. Over a few visits, she talked openly with him, and noticed that he'd spread his big legs an give her a perfect view of his dick. She couldn't help but look, especially when Rashard rubbed his own bbc.

    Her mom thought it was sweet that Rashard called Anni "baby girl" and would hug her before he left. And then he added a kiss to the forehead with that hug. When her mom wasn't in the room when Rashard left, he hugged her so tight she felt his big black cock grind against her. She had to admit she liked it -- and Rashard knew that.

    Then Rashard showed up while her mom was at work. When he walked by her, he said "Damn, girl, you got a fine ass! Yo mama better watch you!" Anni just laughed nervously, but she loved the attention. When Rashard said "You need to come sit on my lap and tell me what's goin on wit you," Anni listened.

    And that was the beginning.

    Twenty minutes later, Rashard was fucking Anni in her bedroom. She didn't care that he was her mother's boyfriend....he was fucking HER. No condom, of course. Rashard never used them. Anni never fucked a black boy before, but she felt really good with him, and she wanted to please him. Anything he did with her and to her was ok, and she found herself screaming "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!!"

    "You want my nigga load in you, baby girl?" asked Rashard -- as if he cared about the answer.

    Moments later, he blasted a hot load of nigger jizz in Anni's tight virgin pussy. Maybe her mom was on the pill, but Anni wasn't.


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