Thursday, May 29, 2014


    Flip out the white people. Walk down the street with your black boyfriend. Hear the whispers that "there's a white girl with a nigger!"

    Sometimes you might even run into another friend. Hey, it looks like your nigger boyfriend is checking her out!

    You always enjoy your boyfriend's stories about fucking up some whiteboi, but it looks like your girlfriend is interested in something else. From the way she looks, she's no stranger to black guys, that's for sure.

    As your bf's shirt says, he's greedy, and you're always willing to share him. Anything -- as long as he's happy.

    It's great that you don't even mind putting his BBC into your girlfriend's mouth and telling her to suck it. Your black bf loves the camera, showing off his  tatts and metallic grin. He's such a fucking nigger.

    Having two white girls on his big black cock is even better than one!

    You're such a good and sharing girlfriend. You had a feeling this would all lead to your black bf's big dick in your friend's tight white pussy. Your bf dumped a big hot load in her, but you know there's always a blast of black seed left for you!


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