Monday, May 19, 2014

At The Gym

    While I showered and dressed at the local fitness center yesterday after a hard workout, 4 black guys came into the locker room.

    I laughed when two pathetic white guys hurried to leave -- either afraid or feeling inferior -- but I  took my time and enjoyed the show. Those 4 niggers, all in their 20s, I'd say, were having a typical nigger conversation filled with black slang and talking over each other and fucking and bitches.

    It didn't take long before every other word was "fuck" and for the entire discussion to be about sexy hot white girls they were slamming. Every white girl was a fucking slut and a fucking whore, and the white man was never mentioned.

    My dick got so hard listening to them it was unreal.

    All 4 had great bodies and huge cocks -- typical of niggers. They're all getting so much white pussy it's unreal, and they love treating white girls like fucking whores. I didn't want to leave, because I wanted to smell that room when those niggers finished working out -- the scent that drives white girls mad.

    They ignored me as I walked out, my gym bag in front of me to cover my throbbing cock. Fucking niggers are incredible.


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