Thursday, May 29, 2014

Angry Stepdad

    You tried to hide it, but your stepdad found your report card -- and wasn't happy when he saw all the D's and F's.

    He asked "What the fuck you doin' in that school, bitch? You flunkin' every motherfuckin' class. Me and your mom told you that you can't be doin' this shit."

    You tried to apologize and explain, but your stepdaddy wasn't having it. He told you "Bend over, bitch, cuz Ima beat your ass and you goin' to your room til yo mama gets home."

    So you bent over. Stepdad lifted your skirt and lectured you even more, his big black hand on and all over your ass. Then he started pulling your hair. He warned you, he threatened you, he yelled at you -- all before the first smack on your ass.


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